Video, Animation & Dynamic Design

for your business!

Video Options.

Every project is different so we offer a range of options and extras to make your video unique and tailored to your business.


The planning stages ensure a smooth production. We work with you to create a script and shot list or storyboard that act as a blueprint for creating your video.


The director is like a composer for your video project, orchestrating the creative process and the logistics from inception through to delivery.


We offer the latest broadcast quality cameras. Each production is different so we have a range to suit your production style (& budget).

Sound Recording

Sound is equally as important as the image so we use a dedicated sound recordist where possible to capture the best quality sound for your production.

Special Equipment

We have a variety of specialist tools to help you capture the special shots you envision. This includes: gimbals, cranes & more.

Aerial Footage

We work with trained & licensed aerial specialists (drone or helicopter) to capture aerial footage. Give us a call to discuss your ideas.


Professional actors can help make your story more engaging. We can cast, screen test & hire actors for your promo productions.


We chop up the hours of footage to create your short video. We can add animated logos, titles, music and narration during this process.

Colour Correction

Colour correction is an important process where we balance the different colours between multiple cameras & give a unique & uniform style to your footage.


Music is the finishing touch for your production. We offer a range of tracks from high quality independent artists or we can work with composers to produce original works.


Need a voiceover to help explain your product or service? This is a popular option employed by many of our clients.


Now your video is complete it’s time to show it off! We can help push your fancy new video to audiences online.

Little team. Big ambition.

We are a small collective of independent creators who work independently and as part of larger productions. We have been friends and collaborators for over 10 years and have worked with everyone from sole traders to the BBC, MTV and more.

Email us, phone us, meet with us or smoke signal us… we will help to tell your story and bring your ideas to life on screen!

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